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Timber Wolf® Blades are setting a new standard in blade technology. 
Suffolk Machinery Corporation has through the use of premium Swedish steels, proprietary induction hardening methods and exclusive tooth milling processes created some of the finest woodworking, metal cutting and saw mill blades in the world.

Milling the teeth of our blades into a piece of strip steel produces a finished, razor sharp edge without ever having to stamp or grind the teeth. Induction hardening allows for different but more precise hardness throughout the blade. These unique manufacturing techniques along with the use of Swedish Silicon steel and the highest quality alloys set these blades apart from all other wood and metal cutting blades.

A perfect balance of superior steel, blade width and thickness plus precision set teeth produce a superior cutting blade with exceptional overall life.

Woodworking Blade Selection Chart 
Timber Wolf® Band Saw Blades for all wood cutting applications.
Band Mill Blade Selection Chart 
Timber Wolf® Band Mill Blades for all milling and resawing applications.
Metal Cutting Blade Selection Chart 
Timber Wolf® Bi-Metal Blades for all metal cutting needs applications.

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